Labelling Systems

Case Packing & Palletizing System 4 in 1 with Cobot at APIVITA
APIVITA SA, a pioneering multinational company that has been producing innovative natural cosmetics since 1979, was looking for a solution to automate the case packing and palletizing process for a line of cosmetic face masks. Theodorou Automation SAICT, member of the Theodorou Group, responding to this need designed and installed an innovative system with a cooperative robot (cobot), which fully automates the work of case forming, box grouping and case packing, case closure and palletizing.
Labelling System at Intercomm Foods SA
The company INTERCOMM FOODS was founded in 1990 and is one of the largest export companies in Greece. It is active in the field of processing and packaging of table olives and fruits of private label on request. It has processing factories in the area of Larissa and Arta. Its products are 98% exported to 60 countries and to more than 450 customers worldwide.
Labelling System at Tsatsos Georgios "Cosmetic"
TSATSOS GEORIOS "COSMETIC" company, which is active in the production of private labeled cosmetics and in the development of new products from the idea stage to the final product and its mass production, was looking for a comprehensive and flexible automation solution at the primary packaging stage, in terms of labeling products and their dynamic coding, in order to meet the growing demands of its customers. In particular, due to the production activity of private label products, the company sought to strengthen its competitiveness in such a way that it is able to undertake and carry out flexibly and at the lowest possible cost, high-demand partnerships with many different packaging formats which cannot be predetermined.
Theodorou Group Solutions Presentation Video
In this video we present the Digital Transformation 4.0 solutions offered by Theodorou Group in Manufacturing and the Supply Chain.
Theodorou Group Labeling Systems
For the last 15 years, Theodorou Group offers complete product labeling systems, having installed more than 300 successful labeling devices in all sectors of industrial packaging. Taking into account the specific requirements of each customer, we provide a full range of machines that cover every need for product labeling, even in the most difficult cases.
Generic Packaging Technology for Flexible Packaging
One of the main problems food packers face in flexible packaging is that they must have a separate type of preprinted flexible film for each product code they package. The problem is even bigger in packers with a large number of codes, with small quantities of production per code, with customers who require specialized information on packaging, private label, exports, marketing & promotion actions (eg special discount on specific products), etc. To all this we must add the cost of designing, printing and managing stock film for each code, the reduced flexibility in entering new codes and the reduced productivity due to the time of changing the film on the packaging machine. The new generic packaging technology gives the final solution to these problems. An automatic labeling machine and / or a thermal on-line variable text and code printer can be integrated into each packaging machine. The result is that only one neutral, unprinted and common packaging film can now be used for all packaged products.
Trade-In Program: "Your Old Industrial Equipment Has Value!!!"
Theodorou Automation SAICT is proud to announce its new end of life equipment trade-in program. All types of systems, functional or not, that belong to one of the following categories are eligible for trade-in. Coding printers Labellers Pallet stretch film wrapping machines Carton sealers Weighing scales (mechanical or electronic) Thermal or thermal transfer label printers Mobile terminals and barcode scanners Wireless networks Trade-in is combined with the purchase of new equipment at very attractive prices. The trade-in program can also be combined with the Theodorou Automation rental program, which offers short-term or long-term equipment leases.
Industrial Systems Acquiring Redefined
Theodorou Automation SAICT is proud to announce its new long-term or short-term equipment rental program. The new program is an innovative high value-added services package that combines equipment, technical support, spare parts and consumables at very attractive prices. The program applies to all the product categories, systems and services of the Theodorou Group companies.
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Serialization Project at Galenica SA
Galenica is one of the largest greek pharmaceutical companies with innovative proprietary medicines that it has already successfully exported to the Balkans. In order to comply with counterfeit drug legislation, it needed a serialization system to use for its medicines production.
Robotic Repackaging Line of Multipacks at Athenian Brewery SA
ZENON Automation SAICT, a company with extensive experience and expertise in the design and implementation of robotic and automation solutions for the end-of-line, has successfully completed the installation of a fully automated repackaging line of glass bottles for ATHENIAN BREWERY.