Theodorou Group of Companies offers integrated automation solutions for industrial packaging and the supply chain. Our solutions include:

Industrial coding

Coding of variable data (expiry date, lot number etc.) on items, cartons and pallets - Inkjet, laser or thermal transfer technologies.


Label printing

  • Thermal transfer label printer- industrial and desktop
  • Consumables (labels, ribbons)

Labeling Systems

  • Labellers and labelling systems
  • PRINT and APPLY systems
  • Weigh, Price, Labelling systems (WPL)

Pallet stretch wrapping systems

  • Automatic pallet stretch-wrapping systems
  • Semi-automatic pallet stretch-wrapping systems
  • Stretch films for automatic and semi-automatic machines
  • Stretch films for manual pallet wrapping

Industrial weighing

  • Formulation
  • Batching
  • Industrial scales
  • High accuracy scales 30.000 : 1
  • Tank weighing
  • Truck scales
  • Quality control scales (SQC)
  • Metrology

End-of-line systems

  • Robotic palletizing systems
  • Case packing systems
  • Carton forming and sealing systems
  • Multipack forming systems
  • Handling and repackaging systems
  • Complete end-of-line solutions
  • Direct shipping

Industrial software solutions

  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
    • Traceability
    • Production monitoring, from raw materials to finished products
    • ERP and WMS synchronization
    • Productivity and cost monitoring, performance measurement
    • Quality control management
    • Product recall management
  • Industrial networks

Quality inspection systems

  • Camera inspection systems
  • Checkweighers
  • Rejection systems
  • Industrial automation solutions (with barcode scanners and cameras)

Warehouse automation

  • Warehouse as a “factory”
    • Automated handling and sorting
    • Automated repackaging
    • Automation of product receiving and shipping
    • Online checkweighing and dimensioning
  • Warehouse Management System (product receiving and shipping, warehousing, repackaging, picking & packing, wireless networks, mobile computing, label printing)