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Galenica is one of the largest greek pharmaceutical companies with innovative proprietary medicines that it has already successfully exported to the Balkans. In order to comply with counterfeit drug legislation, it needed a serialization system to use for its medicines production.

Zenon Automation SA, in response to this need, designed and implemented a complete serialization in a box system in collaboration with SYSTECH.

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The Need

The Galenica pharmaceutical industry needed an integrated serialization system to monitor and detect prescription drugs throughout the supply chain, thereby achieving compliance with counterfeit drug legislation.

The Solution

Serialization in a box by Zenot Automation SA:

  • Easy integration into existing lines
  • Automatic handling and box entry
  • Box sorting and sorting
  • 2D barcode printing with serialization information
  • 2D barcode verification with camera
  • Paste tamper labels evident on two sides
  • Checking and rejecting non-compliant
  • Screen Error Checking
  • Non-compliant code recall
  • Integration with SYSTECH serialization software
  • Easy and fast change of supplies


  • Compliance with serialization legislation
  • Integration with existing industrial equipment
  • Modern and reliable serialization software

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