Warehouse Automation

The Industry 4.0 Applications
It is a fact that there is a lot of information about the new industrial revolution and the technologies that support it. Knowledge of these technologies is essential for industry executives who are responsible for developing strategies for integrating digital transformation into their business. The question, of course, is how technologies lead to applications that provide real solutions to the problems facing the industry. In this article we present the current and usable applications of Industry 4.0.
New Trends in Robotics and Industrial Automation
In this article we present the current developments in the two central technologies of the new industrial revolution: the industrial robotics and the new industrial automation . We also give some suggestions on how any industrial enterprise, large or small and medium, could develop a workable strategy for integrating new technologies into its production process.
New Trends and Technologies in Packaging
Product packaging is a central priority of every industrial enterprise. And this is because in this phase the product is prepared to travel in the supply chain and to be appropriately presented to the final consumer.
Theodorou Group Presentation at the Logistics 4.0 II Conference
In this context, the CEO of Theodorou Group, Dr. Evangelos Theodorou, presented "Technologies to ensure the integrity of the Supply Chain" emphasizing that the selection of appropriate technology ensures the integrity of Logistics leading to its noticeable optimization.
Theodorou Group Solutions Presentation Video
In this video we present the Digital Transformation 4.0 solutions offered by Theodorou Group in Manufacturing and the Supply Chain.
Plug & Play Palletizing with Cobot
As part of its expansion into new generation solutions with collaborative robots (Cobots), Theodorou Group has developed and presents for the first time in Greece the robotic palletizing system CobotMat CP-11 Plug & Play. The CobotMat CP-11 Plug & Play is a standard system that receives products directly from the production line and, using a collaborative robot, automatically places them on a pallet. It can be installed in the factory within a few hours, it is very easy to program and use, while it can even be transferred to other lines depending on the needs of the factory.
«Green» Stretch Film by TRIOPLAST and Theodorou Group
TRIOPLAST, the largest stretch film manufacturer in Europe represented in Greece exclusively by Theodorou Group, created TRIO-LOOP™, the world's first stretch film for pallet wrapping from 51% used "post-consumer" plastic materials and a total of 75% recycled plastic!
Trade-In Program: "Your Old Industrial Equipment Has Value!!!"
Theodorou Automation SAICT is proud to announce its new end of life equipment trade-in program. All types of systems, functional or not, that belong to one of the following categories are eligible for trade-in. Coding printers Labellers Pallet stretch film wrapping machines Carton sealers Weighing scales (mechanical or electronic) Thermal or thermal transfer label printers Mobile terminals and barcode scanners Wireless networks Trade-in is combined with the purchase of new equipment at very attractive prices. The trade-in program can also be combined with the Theodorou Automation rental program, which offers short-term or long-term equipment leases.
Industrial Systems Acquiring Redefined
Theodorou Automation SAICT is proud to announce its new long-term or short-term equipment rental program. The new program is an innovative high value-added services package that combines equipment, technical support, spare parts and consumables at very attractive prices. The program applies to all the product categories, systems and services of the Theodorou Group companies.
Automation in Manufacturing & Logistics in the post-Covid Era
The C-19 pandemic is an extremely important challenge, with consequences for the health of the citizens, the economy of the country but also of each company separately. The C-19 has changed the way we deal with our friends or colleagues at home, on the street, in the office, in the factory. It has changed the way a business operates while the new conditions that have been created are a challenge for the next day.