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For the last 15 years, Theodorou Group offers complete product labeling systems, having installed more than 300 successful labeling devices in all sectors of industrial packaging.

Taking into account the specific requirements of each customer, we provide a full range of machines that cover every need for product labeling, even in the most difficult cases.

As part of its expansion into new generation solutions with collaborative robots (Cobots), Theodorou Group has developed and presents for the first time in Greece the robotic palletizing system CobotMat CP-11 Plug & Play.

The CobotMat CP-11 Plug & Play is a standard system that receives products directly from the production line and, using a collaborative robot, automatically places them on a pallet. It can be installed in the factory within a few hours, it is very easy to program and use, while it can even be transferred to other lines depending on the needs of the factory.

One of the main problems food packers face in flexible packaging is that they must have a separate type of preprinted flexible film for each product code they package. The problem is even bigger in packers with a large number of codes, with small quantities of production per code, with customers who require specialized information on packaging, private label, exports, marketing & promotion actions (eg special discount on specific products), etc. To all this we must add the cost of designing, printing and managing stock film for each code, the reduced flexibility in entering new codes and the reduced productivity due to the time of changing the film on the packaging machine.

The new generic packaging technology gives the final solution to these problems. An automatic labeling machine and / or a thermal on-line variable text and code printer can be integrated into each packaging machine. The result is that only one neutral, unprinted and common packaging film can now be used for all packaged products.

Theodorou Automation SAICT is proud to announce its new end of life equipment trade-in program. All types of systems, functional or not, that belong to one of the following categories are eligible for trade-in.

  • Coding printers
  • Labellers
  • Pallet stretch film wrapping machines
  • Carton sealers
  • Weighing scales (mechanical or electronic)
  • Thermal or thermal transfer label printers
  • Mobile terminals and barcode scanners
  • Wireless networks

Trade-in is combined with the purchase of new equipment at very attractive prices. The trade-in program can also be combined with the Theodorou Automation rental program, which offers short-term or long-term equipment leases.