Generic Packaging Technology for Flexible Packaging


One of the main problems food packers face in flexible packaging is that they must have a separate type of preprinted flexible film for each product code they package. The problem is even bigger in packers with a large number of codes, with small quantities of production per code, with customers who require specialized information on packaging, private label, exports, marketing & promotion actions (eg special discount on specific products), etc. To all this we must add the cost of designing, printing and managing stock film for each code, the reduced flexibility in entering new codes and the reduced productivity due to the time of changing the film on the packaging machine.

The new generic packaging technology gives the final solution to these problems. An automatic labeling machine and / or a thermal on-line variable text and code printer can be integrated into each packaging machine. The result is that only one neutral, unprinted and common packaging film can now be used for all packaged products.

Theodorou Automation SAICT has gained extensive experience with more than 300 successful generic packaging applications in all food packaging industries.