Plug & Play Palletizing with Cobot


As part of its expansion into new generation solutions with collaborative robots (Cobots), Theodorou Group has developed and presents for the first time in Greece the robotic palletizing system CobotMat CP-11 Plug & Play.

The CobotMat CP-11 Plug & Play is a standard system that receives products directly from the production line and, using a collaborative robot, automatically places them on a pallet. It can be installed in the factory within a few hours, it is very easy to program and use, while it can even be transferred to other lines depending on the needs of the factory.

The advanced security features of the CobotMat CP-11 allow harmonious cooperation between robots & people in the same area while no infrastructure in fences or security bars is required!

The CobotMat CP-11 is ideal for all businesses, small or large:

  • With limited available space
  • With constantly changing palletizing needs
  • That seek ROI in less than 1 year

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