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Zenon Automation SAICT participated in the online virtual conference Technology in Action 2021, organized by Boussias Communications on May 20, 2021. The purpose of the conference was to present practical applications of technology to companies and organizations, for retail stores, sales, purchasing, production, storage, distribution, human resources and data analysis.

Christos Vafiadis, Sales Manager of Zenon Automation SAICT, during the conference, presented the robotic solutions for End-of-Line and Logistics offered by Zenon Automation and Theodorou Group to its customers.

Zenon Automation, a member of the Theodorou Group, acknowledging the urgent need for the Greek industry to move to the digital age, sponsored the 2nd Hellenic Federation of Enterprises Industrial Conference on "Industry 4.0: The Opportunity Not to Be Lost", held on 19 December 2019, at the Hilton Hotel, Athens.

The aim of the conference was to highlight the timely transition of Greek industry to Industry 4.0 as a precondition for international competitiveness, stable jobs and social welfare, while establishing a national, long-term strategy based on public-private partnerships.

As part of the sponsorship, Zenon Automation executives participated as mentors in Industry 4.0 NOW crowdhackathon, an action aimed at bringing the ecosystem of innovation and startups close to the industry to explore the possibilities and scenarios of digital transformation and innovation development. meaning for the Greek reality, providing useful advice to the participating groups.

Theodorou Group participated in the conference Logi.C 2018 which was organized for the 10th consecutive year by o.mind Creatives.

The purpose of the conference was to highlight the trends in modern transport and distribution networks, inside and outside the borders as well as the challenges of Industry 4.0 and the Digital era for the Supply Chain & Logistics.

Digital Manufacturing is now an affordable reality for the Greek manufacturing industry as well. Incorporating modern automation technologies, real-time connectivity with production machines and using technologies such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), mobility systems, industrial sensors and new generation cameras, digital manufacturing systems offer:

  • More efficient production
  • Product safety
  • Immediate response to unforeseen situations
  • Synchronize with the supply chain

Theodorou Group participated at the 1st Industrial Automation Conference organized by Boussias Communications, in Athens on April 7th 2016. The purpose of the conference was to introduce the trends and innovations in automation systems for significant productivity increase, cost reduction, error reduction and competitiveness increase.

During the conference, Theodorou Group presented its innovative automation solutions for the industrial packaging and supply chain.