We are looking for our New Generation of Technical Consultants

Νέα Γενιά Τεχνικών Συμβούλων

THEODOROU GROUP operates in Greece and in 11 countries abroad, offering pioneering technological solutions for manufacturing and the supply chain.

Our Technical Consultants Group is staffed with elite engineers of every specialty (electrical, electronic, automation, mechanical, production, etc.). Their common characteristic is the will for learning and the ability to work “outside the walls”.

The duty of our Consulting Engineers is to be in constant contact with the clients of our Group, to understand their needs and to propose the right solutions. In this way, the central goal of our Group is achieved, which is none other than gaining and maintaining the trust of our customers.

So if you are ready to take on the challenge of joining our team of Technical Consultants, then we want you to contact us by sending your CV to newgen@theodorougroup.com or by filling out the contact form below.


  1. Your current experience doesn’t really matter.
  2. The available positions are based in Athens, but the possibility of frequent visits to all parts of Greece and abroad is required.
  3. If you are not directly interested, please forward this to those who may be interested!!!

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