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Smart Manufacturing And Theodorou Group

We inform you that the call for the "Smart Manufacturing" program funded by the Recovery and Resilience Fund has been published.

The investment projects to be financed cover all aspects of Industry 4.0, such as robotics, production automation, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), SCADA, Machine To Machine Learning, Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT) technology, system integration, smart sensors, acquisition of modern mechanical equipment, etc.

Theodorou Group, in the context of the continuous development strategy, announces the cooperation with the Swedish company Pricer. With this collaboration, Theodorou Group includes in the range of solutions it offers, solutions for the digitization of retail stores, as Pricer is the world leader in technologies and services that significantly improve the operation and performance of stores and enhance the experience of end consumers. Specifically, Pricer's range of solutions includes electronic shelf labels, in-store electronic showcases, shelf price control systems, in-store product tracking application, etc.

Theodorou Group completed the creation of a new construction department for the development of advanced industrial weighing systems, dynamic weight controllers (checkweighers) and automatic titration on the production line.

This new activity of the Theodorou Group was carried out with the transfer of know-how from Mettler-Toledo and Garvens, with which the group already has a long-term and successful cooperation. Based on this collaboration, Theodorou Group can use in its constructions the modules of Garvens (checkweighers), Mettler-Toledo (digital power cells - loadcells) and Gargoscan (titration).

Zenon delivered 25 new robotic packaging systems

Packaging Automation with the use of Robotic Systems is a basic need for every manufacturing unit. This need has become even more pressing during the pandemic. An added benefit of robotic packaging, besides the more well-known benefits (i.e. cost reduction, flexibility, productivity, etc.), is the capability of better resource management and the minimization of contamination risk at production sites