Award of Endoline Robotics Limited at the Robotics & Automation Awards 2023


The Theodorou Group’s UK subsidiary Endoline Robotics Limited was awarded by the “Robotics and Automation Awards 2023” event held in London in November 2023, receiving the distinction of “Best New Company in the field of robotics and automation” or Small Company”), among a number of co-candidates.

The Robotics and Automation Awards highlight the innovation of UK and international organizations in implementing robotics and automation systems across the value chain of a range of major industries including food and drink, supply chain, construction, retail and more.

The “Best New or Small Company” category is for start-ups that have been established in the last three years or small companies that employ fewer than 50 people and are active in providing robotics and automation solutions throughout the value chain.

Endoline Robotics Limited promotes Connected Automation, an innovative concept of Theodorou Group, combining robotics, classic automation, IoT and digital systems to deliver new generation Industry 4.0 projects.

Many congratulations to the team at Endoline Robotics Limited in the UK for this accolade, but also to our people at Zenon Automation SAICT, who have been providing very important commercial and technical support to Endoline Robotics Limited since its inception.

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