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The last part of the packaging lines, also known as end-of-line, is ideally offered for the application of the new automation (connected automation). Indeed, the end-of-line is the meeting point of the primary packaging, supply chain and business information systems (ERP, etc.). In addition, the end-of-line tends to have a structural uniformity that is independent of the product produced.

The C-19 pandemic is an extremely important challenge, with consequences for the health of the citizens, the economy of the country but also of each company separately. The C-19 has changed the way we deal with our friends or colleagues at home, on the street, in the office, in the factory. It has changed the way a business operates while the new conditions that have been created are a challenge for the next day.


Automating the operations of a business, in the case of a factory or warehouse, was basically the prerogative of large companies that had the necessary capital (and patience) to make such investments. In most Greek factories, the automation stops in the primary packaging (ie in the product itself), in several cases it extends to the secondary packaging (eg box), and in rarer cases to the tertiary (pallet). No reason to automate the warehouse, while even the largest logistics centers are based almost entirely on humans.