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Presentation: "Technologies to ensure the integrity of the Supply Chain"

Theodorou Group participated as a gold sponsor in the Logistics 4.0 II conference organized by the Supply Chain Institute in collaboration with the Future Logistics Leaders community on April 14 & 15. The conference effectively highlighted the new environment in the organization, structure and operation of logistics in Greece, analyzed in detail the challenges posed by the need to digitize their processes and the adoption of new technologies to meet the requirements and priorities of their customers.

In this context, the CEO of Theodorou Group, Dr. Evangelos Theodorou, presented "Technologies to ensure the integrity of the Supply Chain" emphasizing that the selection of appropriate technology ensures the integrity of Logistics leading to its noticeable optimization.

PLANT magazine in the December issue, with a tribute to industrial robotic systems, made an extensive presentation of our solutions in Theodorou Group related to Industry 4.0.

The 5 pages of the relevant article present the logics of adaptation of industries to digital transformation, our new consulting service "Pack Experts", the Servitization approach, new innovative robotics applications in production and warehouses and the benefits that can result from the connected automation.