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All industrial companies that package and distribute products recognize the great importance of proper printing during the production of labels on products. These tags are expiration dates, Lot / Batch numbers, one-dimensional or two-dimensional codes, texts describing the content, nutrition labels, etc.

The Theodorou Group , with extensive experience in product coding and traceability, has developed systems for checking the correctness of printed codes and markings. These systems are placed on the packaging line and are connected to production management systems and coding systems. They offer reliable verification of both the existence of the codes, their correct position in the product, and the fact that the codes are the ones that must have been printed.

In addition, the code control systems of Theodoros Group offer possibilities of recording the produced products, recording the productivity of the production lines, while they can also be integrated in the quality control systems of the factory.

Theodorou Group has also developed the innovative e-Finger Recognition system, which records micro-details of printed barcodes, giving uniqueness to each product unit and can be used to identify non-genuine products in all stages of the supply chain but also by end consumers.

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