Rotating Robot

Rotating Robot Technology

Theodorou Group provides pallet wrapping equipment for automatic and semi-automatic applications in collaboration with Robopac. In fully automated wrapping, the wrapping mechanism is integrated into the packaging line and there is no need for human intervention, while in semi-automatic wrapping, the pallet is moved manually – usually by pallet truck – to a location and an automatic mechanism performs the wrapping. There are the following reliable types of automatic and semi-automatic wrapping machines:

  • Rotating disk that rotates the pallet while the mechanism that places the film remains fixed
  • Rotating arm that rotates around the stationary pallet placing the film in parallel
  • Rotating ring that rotates around the stationary pallet while simultaneously placing the film
  • Horizontal wrapping
  • Wrapping by rotating robot

The choice between the above types depends on the requirements of each application and above all the required stability of the load and the productivity of the line, while every special care is required for the correct choice of stretch film.

Our experienced engineers can help you choose the solution that suits your needs and optimize your pallet wrapping process with significant cost reductions and increased productivity.

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