Equipment Rental Services

These are innovative service packages of high added value that follow the Equipment-as-a-Service logic and combine equipment, technical support, spare parts and consumables.
The rental services include all categories of products, systems and services of Theodoros Group.

Customer Technical Support

Theodorou Group places great emphasis on the technical support of its customers both before and after the sale. Its goal is to provide high quality technical support services and immediate response both at our facilities and also on site. To this end, it invests in the continuous training of its technical staff and the constant upgrading of its state-of-the-art infrastructure. It has over 90 trained engineers (of higher education) based all over Greece and Cyprus. More

Consulting Services

The Pack Experts team is comprised by Theodorou Group’s experienced engineers. Typical projects of the group are the improvement studies of existing production lines, their extensions for the production of new products, the study of installations of new production lines and the design of new factory premises.

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