High Resolution Inkjet

High Resolution Inkjet Technology

High-resolution industrial inkjet printers are an alternative to pre-printed cartons, offering drastic cost reductions in box inventory and labels, avoiding delays from box shortages, and great flexibility for production.

This practice is known as ‘Generic Carton Printing’: i.e. use of boxes preprinted with only the company’s fixed information, while all variable information (product names, traceability codes, barcodes, logos, etc.) are printed on the box during production process.

The new generation of high-resolution industrial inkjet printers offer:

Cost saving

  • Inventory reduction in boxes and labels
  • Facilitation of the production process
  • Large print area for additional information

High reliability

  • Solid industrial construction


  • Central remote control
  • Central message storage and back-up
  • Connection to scale, PLC or PC for online download of variable information
  • Scanner integration for barcode quality control

Ease of installation & use

  • Small and compact printer
  • Print range 70mm

Ability to print barcodes

  • Compliance with the GS1 standard and customer requirements
  • Ensuring traceability

Production flexibility

  • Possibility of additional head
  • GREEK language
  • Large memory to store messages / product codes
  • System for easy insertion of ink in different heads

The choice of the right solution is made based on the needs of each application and after a study by our experienced engineers.

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