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Print & Apply Technology

Print & Apply systems adequately address every secondary or tertiary packaging coding need in the industry. They consist of a printer and a robotic gluing arm (applicator) and offer the possibility of printing on every surface of the package (top, side, front) or sequential printing on more than one side (front and side surface, etc.)

At the same time, there are hybrid Print & Apply systems with thermal printers adapted to the labeling systems. These systems print online the required fixed and variable information (LOT, production and expiration date, barcodes, graphics, etc.) directly on the labels and then stick them on the primary packaging. primary packaging. The main advantage of such systems is the very high speed and excellent gluing accuracy and they satisfy the modern needs for minimization of the stock and just-in-time production process.

Print & Apply systems offer:

Process optimization

  • easy integration into any production line
  • reliable adhesion to group packs that are in motion or at rest
  • coding flexibility: wide range of solutions in primary and secondary
  • packaging as well as pallet coding

Reduce errors

This is achieved through:

  • ease of label selection by the operator
  • of high definition barcode, text and graphics printing to comply with labeling regulations in the supply chain

Adaptability and flexibility

  • Blow, tamp, tamp-blow or wipe gluing options, right or left gluing versions, tailored to your needs.
  • The Tamp variable stroke piston design allows the application of many types of labels using the same applicator pad.


  • Compatible with USB and RS232
  • Scanner integration for barcode quality control
  • Ability to connect to scale, PLC or PC for online download of variable information
  • Remote control capability
  • Connection to the company’s central information systems (ERP, WMS, etc.)

Ease of use

  • Easy to insert and change rolls of ink ribbons and labels
  • Windows based interface
  • High performance control system combined with an interface that provides all necessary information to the operator

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