Simple Labeler Heads

For Use in Custom Individual Package Labeling Applications


Reliable, durable and accurate with typical labeling applications

HERMA Basic operates at a speed of up to 25 m/min: this can be set using the keyboard and display. Its built-in controller means there is no need for an additional switchboard. Label sizes can be adjusted from 12x12mm to 160x400mm.

Flexible solution to new challenges

HERMA Basic is equipped with mounting points identical to those of HERMA 500. If special applications or higher speeds are required, it is easy to switch to the more powerful applications of the HERMA 500 family.


Herma’s new H500 labeller is a benchmark for labeling applications. It is equipped with new and “smart” features that meet the requirements set by Industry 4.0. It offers unparalleled connectivity, highly flexible integration options and outstanding performance.

Its innovative design allows users to perform maintenance and configuration actions through the web-browser while providing remote monitoring.

It stands out for the improved performance it offers, with gluing speeds 25% faster than its predecessor, thanks to its new components. The gluing speed is 200 m/min, offering high precision marking thanks to the innovative technologies it incorporates. In addition, thanks to its flexibility and compact design, it can be integrated into any production line easily and quickly, while at the same time it can be adapted to the requirements of each industry (medicines, cosmetics, food & beverages, etc.).

The advantages of Herma heads:

  • Gluing speeds up to 200m/min
  • No separate control unit is required
  • Automatic synchronization with the speed of the production line
  • Full range of accessories (mounts, photocells, etc.)
  • Ability to integrate electronic printers for Print & Apply applications
  • Ability to interface with P.L.C. and Ethernet
  • Fast placement of label roll
  • Ability to handle various types of labels (paper, polyester, transparent labels, etc.) without additional settings
  • Upgradable by adding peripherals
  • Simple operation with a rotating 4.3” color touch screen display
  • Minimal need for maintenance
  • Modular construction and IP66 specifications

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