Box Coding

Carton marking is the fastest growing branch of coding in supply chain and manufacturing processes. Indeed, the logic of cost reduction is leading more and more industries to adopt non-printed cartons, while both the Community Legislation on Traceability (Regulations 178/2002 and 1935/2004 on the Safety and Traceability of Food, Feed and Packaging Materials) and their customers (Retail Chains) are demanding more and more variable information and codes on boxes.

The above requirements are covered by the use of printers during the production phases (and in some cases in repackaging). The following methods and technologies are used to encode group packages:

  • High Resolution Inkjet Printing:
    High resolution inkjet printing for ‘Generic Carton Printing’ applications.
  • Drop-on-Demand Inkjet Printing:
    Printing large characters with ink jet, electrovalve technology.
  • Barcode Labels Printing:
    Printing coded information in the form of a barcode on labels, using thermal printing and thermal transfer printing technologies.
  • Auto Labels Print & Apply:
    Automatic printing & applying labels to boxes and group packaging of products (print & apply).

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