New construction department of Theodorou Group


Theodorou Group completed the creation of a new construction department for the development of advanced industrial weighing systems, dynamic weight controllers (checkweighers) and automatic titration on the production line.

This new activity of the Theodorou Group was carried out with the transfer of know-how from Mettler-Toledo and Garvens, with which the group already has a long-term and successful cooperation. Based on this collaboration, Theodorou Group can use in its constructions the modules of Garvens (checkweighers), Mettler-Toledo (digital power cells – loadcells) and Gargoscan (titration).

The new department is added to the existing group components that specialize in the construction of robotic packaging systems (palletizing, boxing, product handling, etc.), warehouse automation (picking, conveying, sorting, etc.) and Industry 4.0 applications.

Theodorou Group is a market leader in all 12 product categories in which it operates in Greece and abroad.