«Green» Stretch Film by TRIOPLAST and Theodorou Group


TRIOPLAST, the largest stretch film manufacturer in Europe represented in Greece exclusively by Theodorou Group, created TRIO-LOOP™, the world’s first stretch film for pallet wrapping from 51% used “post-consumer” plastic materials and a total of 75% recycled plastic!

TRIO-LOOP™ is a very important step towards achieving a more crcular economy and the protection of the environment from plastic pollution and comes to complete our range of “green” materials:

  • TRIO-GREEN™: from biodegradable materials (sugar cane)
  • TRIO-LEAN™: low thickness and very high support stretch film that offer low consumption and therefore low environmental footprint
  • TRIO-LOOP™: stretch film from post-consumer recycled materials, ie plastics that have been used by the consumer, collected, processed and reused to produce a new film

All stretch films are suitable for use in both manual and automatic pallet wrapping applications, while offering extremely high pallet holding strength and puncture resistance ensuring the smooth operation of the factory and the safe arrival of   cargo at its destination.

With the “green” films from Theodorou Group, greek industries now have the opportunity to make conscious choices for the benefit of the environment!