Integrated Solutions for Industry & Supply Chain

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Theodorou Group is one of the 80 strongest industrial groups in Greece which has been a leader since 1985 in the provision of integrated automation, robotics and systems solutions connected automation for Industrial Packaging and Supply Chain.

It operates in Greece and abroad, through subsidiaries in Cyprus, the United Kingdom and 9 other countries in Europe and Asia, providing innovative solutions designed with the aim of increasing productivity, reducing costs, maximizing product safety and adapting to the financial and technical capabilities of its customers.

Its annual sales exceed €50 million and its human resources are 260 people, of which 90 are engineers (mechanical engineers, electricians, automation engineers, programmers, electronics, IT engineers etc).

Theodorou Group Solutions

Theodorou Group has great experience as a System Integrator in the development of integrated systems for the automation and digital transformation of Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0 with many successful system installations both in Greece and abroad (United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, Saudi Arabia, etc.).

It follows the modular design logic, as its systems are made up of distinct modules which combine and cooperate harmoniously with each other to give the best possible result.

Particular emphasis is placed on after-sales technical support, with more than 40 field technicians and a fully organized spare parts warehouse.

Industry Solutions

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Theodorou Group solutions for industry include modern product marking and coding systems, automatic robotic packaging, sophisticated production management systems, digital interconnected automation, etc:

Supply Chain Solutions

Integrated Solutions for Industry & Supply Chain PIC03 Theodorou Group has long-standing experience in the design, manufacture, installation and turnkey delivery of integrated robotics and automation systems for the Supply Chain industry & of Logistics, covering needs such as:

Theodorou Group has successfully installed more than 50 integrated systems in large warehouses, pharmaceutical warehouses, e-commerce businesses, couriers, etc.

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