Withdrawal Program: “Renewal 2024”

Πρόγραμμα Απόσυρσης: “Ανανέωση 2024”

Because your old equipment is worth it!!!!!!

The “Renewal 2024” program gives you a unique opportunity to upgrade your old packaging equipment.

Equipment to be retired (regardless of functional status and manufacturer):

  • Code printers on products
  • Label printers
  • Labels
  • Machines for wrapping pallets with stretch film
  • Industrial scales, checkweighers
  • Robotic arms

New equipment:

All machines and systems manufactured / represented by Theodorou Group. Examples: Industrial code printers for individual & group packs, labelers for automatic labeling, industrial scales, weighers, print systems & apply, formation systems, robot palletizing systems, pallet wrapping machines with stretch film, etc.

The new equipment does not have to be the same as the retired one.

Please contact us to discuss your specific equipment needs by completing the contact form or by emailing marketing@theodorougroup.com or by calling us on phone numbers +30 210 6690900, +30 210604700.

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