Presentation: “From Robotics to Connected Automation: The New Path of Digital Transformation for Industry 4.0”


During the Global Pack 2023 exhibition, Mr. Yiannis Maravelias, Project Manager of Theodorou Group, presented our company’s approach to achieving digital transformation in industry using Industry 4.0 technologies.

Also, during the Global Pack 2023 exhibition, through our booth we presented integrated robotics and automation systems applicable to industrial enterprises:

  • Automatic product handling
  • Automatic product coding
  • Automatic weight control & rejection of non-compliant products
  • Automatic marking & labeling of products and cartons
  • Robotic boxing
  • Robotic palletizing
  • Automatic marking of pallets with labels
  • Automatic wrapping of pallets with stretch film
  • Connected Factory solutions
  • MES & Traceability solutions (Tracer Factory)

In addition, we presented Auto-ID equipment (such as portable terminals, barcode scanners, thermal printers, wireless networks, etc.) and industrial consumables (such as thermal printer labels and ink ribbons, color labels, etc.).

Theodorou Group provides innovative solutions that are designed with a view to increasing productivity, reducing costs, maximizing product safety and adapting to the financial and technical capabilities of its customers.

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