New technologies of Theodorou Group at FoodTech 2021
At FoodTech 2021 we presented a series of new technologies for packaging and supply chain automation. Specifically, we presented: Labeling systems that incorporate sophisticated ways of applying even the most "difficult" labels Our new IN-LINE checkweiging weighing and dimensioning systems, a product of our recognition as an OEM by Garvens Automatic pallet handling systems with cobots End-of-line automation systems (boxing, palletizing, stretch film, coding) that incorporate Industry 4.0, MES, OEE, IoT, etc. technologies. The successful equipment rental programs (THEODOROU LEASING SERVICES) and withdrawal of old equipment (TRADE-IN)
New Trends in Robotics and Industrial Automation
In this article we present the current developments in the two central technologies of the new industrial revolution: the industrial robotics and the new industrial automation . We also give some suggestions on how any industrial enterprise, large or small and medium, could develop a workable strategy for integrating new technologies into its production process.
Labelling System at Intercomm Foods SA
The company INTERCOMM FOODS was founded in 1990 and is one of the largest export companies in Greece. It is active in the field of processing and packaging of table olives and fruits of private label on request. It has processing factories in the area of Larissa and Arta. Its products are 98% exported to 60 countries and to more than 450 customers worldwide.
New construction department of Theodorou Group
Theodorou Group completed the creation of a new construction department for the development of advanced industrial weighing systems, dynamic weight controllers (checkweighers) and automatic titration on the production line. This new activity of the Theodorou Group was carried out with the transfer of know-how from Mettler-Toledo and Garvens, with which the group already has a long-term and successful cooperation. Based on this collaboration, Theodorou Group can use in its constructions the modules of Garvens (checkweighers), Mettler-Toledo (digital power cells - loadcells) and Gargoscan (titration).
Labelling System at Tsatsos Georgios "Cosmetic"
TSATSOS GEORIOS "COSMETIC" company, which is active in the production of private labeled cosmetics and in the development of new products from the idea stage to the final product and its mass production, was looking for a comprehensive and flexible automation solution at the primary packaging stage, in terms of labeling products and their dynamic coding, in order to meet the growing demands of its customers. In particular, due to the production activity of private label products, the company sought to strengthen its competitiveness in such a way that it is able to undertake and carry out flexibly and at the lowest possible cost, high-demand partnerships with many different packaging formats which cannot be predetermined.
New Trends and Technologies in Packaging
Product packaging is a central priority of every industrial enterprise. And this is because in this phase the product is prepared to travel in the supply chain and to be appropriately presented to the final consumer.
Welcome to the Connected Factory Age
Complete solution for interconnecting enteprise information systems with industrial robots, printers, scanners & cameras and monitoring and controling production, using Tracer Factory, in a consumer product manufacturing company.
Zenon Automation at the Technology in Action 2021 Conference
Zenon Automation SAICT participated in the online virtual conference Technology in Action 2021, organized by Boussias Communications on May 20, 2021. The purpose of the conference was to present practical applications of technology to companies and organizations, for retail stores, sales, purchasing, production, storage, distribution, human resources and data analysis. Christos Vafiadis, Sales Manager of Zenon Automation SAICT, during the conference, presented the robotic solutions for End-of-Line and Logistics offered by Zenon Automation and Theodorou Group to its customers.
Drug Packaging Control System at Galenica SA
Galenica is one of the largest greek pharmaceutical companies with innovative proprietary medicines that it has already successfully exported to the Balkans. As part of the production process and quality control, there was a need to verify the introduction of a correct drug instruction booklet in the drug packaging.
Industry 4.0 Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industries
With more than 40 years of experience, we can claim that we know the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and we can offer the applications that best meet these requirements. In our modern facilities 11,000 sq.m. in Peania, our 95 experienced technicians design and build applications that are fully adapted to the special requirements of our customers in Greece and abroad. We place great emphasis on proper installation, training and after-sales technical support.