New packaging equipment rental program


Theodorou Group announces that from 01/02/2017 the new rental program for RENTit packaging equipment is running.

The new program includes the possibility of short-term or long-term rental of equipment on very favorable terms, so that both the extraordinary and the long-term needs of the greek industry and logistics are met.

In addition to equipment, rental packages include installation costs and a full warranty that covers all technical support, maintenance and spare parts required (all inclusive). At RENTit we have included a wide range of packaging equipment such as product, box and pallet coding systemslabellerslabel printersindustrial weighing systemspallet stretch wrapping systemscarton erectors/sealersrobotic palletizing systems, etc.

In the short term, the equipment is usually rebuilt, while in the long term it is new. In any case, an all inclusive guarantee applies.

The RENTit program is valid until 31/03/2017.