Packaging Automation

The Industry 4.0 Applications
It is a fact that there is a lot of information about the new industrial revolution and the technologies that support it. Knowledge of these technologies is essential for industry executives who are responsible for developing strategies for integrating digital transformation into their business. The question, of course, is how technologies lead to applications that provide real solutions to the problems facing the industry. In this article we present the current and usable applications of Industry 4.0.
New Trends in Robotics and Industrial Automation
In this article we present the current developments in the two central technologies of the new industrial revolution: the industrial robotics and the new industrial automation . We also give some suggestions on how any industrial enterprise, large or small and medium, could develop a workable strategy for integrating new technologies into its production process.
New Trends and Technologies in Packaging
Product packaging is a central priority of every industrial enterprise. And this is because in this phase the product is prepared to travel in the supply chain and to be appropriately presented to the final consumer.
Welcome to the Connected Factory Age
Complete solution for interconnecting enteprise information systems with industrial robots, printers, scanners & cameras and monitoring and controling production, using Tracer Factory, in a consumer product manufacturing company.
Drug Packaging Control System at Galenica SA
Galenica is one of the largest greek pharmaceutical companies with innovative proprietary medicines that it has already successfully exported to the Balkans. As part of the production process and quality control, there was a need to verify the introduction of a correct drug instruction booklet in the drug packaging.
Industry 4.0 Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industries
With more than 40 years of experience, we can claim that we know the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and we can offer the applications that best meet these requirements. In our modern facilities 11,000 sq.m. in Peania, our 95 experienced technicians design and build applications that are fully adapted to the special requirements of our customers in Greece and abroad. We place great emphasis on proper installation, training and after-sales technical support.
Theodorou Group Presentation at the Logistics 4.0 II Conference
In this context, the CEO of Theodorou Group, Dr. Evangelos Theodorou, presented "Technologies to ensure the integrity of the Supply Chain" emphasizing that the selection of appropriate technology ensures the integrity of Logistics leading to its noticeable optimization.
Theodorou Group Solutions Presentation Video
In this video we present the Digital Transformation 4.0 solutions offered by Theodorou Group in Manufacturing and the Supply Chain.
End-of-Line Automation
The last part of the packaging lines, also known as end-of-line, is ideally offered for the application of the new automation (connected automation). Indeed, the end-of-line is the meeting point of the primary packaging, supply chain and business information systems (ERP, etc.). In addition, the end-of-line tends to have a structural uniformity that is independent of the product produced.
Plug & Play Palletizing with Cobot
As part of its expansion into new generation solutions with collaborative robots (Cobots), Theodorou Group has developed and presents for the first time in Greece the robotic palletizing system CobotMat CP-11 Plug & Play. The CobotMat CP-11 Plug & Play is a standard system that receives products directly from the production line and, using a collaborative robot, automatically places them on a pallet. It can be installed in the factory within a few hours, it is very easy to program and use, while it can even be transferred to other lines depending on the needs of the factory.