GlobalPack 2023
Theodorou Group at the "GlobalPack 2023" Exhibition
Visit our stand at our exhibition "GlobalPack 2023" (Hall: 3, Stand: D2-E1) which will take place from Saturday 11 November 2023 to Monday 13 November 2023 at the Metropolitan Expo Exhibition Center at Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" . Come and discuss your needs for integrated robotics and automation systems applicable to industrial enterprises.
Έγχρωμες Ετικέτες Labels-Colours
Theodorou now also on colored labels
Theodorou Automations SAICT has completed a brand new factory with state-of-the-art digital & analog printing machines and now produces & color labels.
Κωδικοποίηση Πρωτογενούς & Δευτερογενούς Συσκευασίας στην ΚΟΝΣΕΡΒΟΠΟΙΪΑ Β. ΑΙΓΑΙΟΥ
Coding of Primary and Secondary Packaging in KONVA SA
The KONVA SA factory has many codes, for many markets, and there was a need for a flexible and modern coding solution to print variable information on its products in the primary and secondary packaging. To cover the above need, KONVA SA decided to cooperate with THEODOROU GROUP, covering in the first phase the need for coding in the primary packaging (pieces) and in the second phase the need for coding in the secondary packaging (cartons). A very important factor for choosing THEODOROU GROUP as a partner was the immediacy and effectiveness of the technical support it provides, as well as its expertise and know-how in the specific fields. To meet the need for coding the primary packaging, one of the most modern models of industrial inkjet technology code printers of Domino, an internationally renowned company, represented by THEODOROU GROUP, was installed. The solution provides online management of variable information sent to print in production. Regarding the secondary packaging, an industrial inkjet print on demand technology code printer, also from Domino, was installed. With this solution, the self-adhesive labels used to mark the cartons have been removed, and now the variable information is printed directly on them.
Skroutz Last Mile Sorting System
Automatic Parcel Sorting & Weighing System at Skroutz Last Mile
Courier company Skroutz Last Mile wanted to speed up its parcel sorting process and reduce possible errors as much as possible at its facilities at its sorting and transfer center (HUB) in Attiki, in the Botanikos area. Zenon Automations SAICT, a member of Theodorou Group, designed and installed an automatic sorting system at Skroutz Last Mile, which consists of an automatic sorting machine (sorter) and a volume measuring unit. In the following video, Mr. Makis Symeonidis, Warehouse Lead of Skroutz Last Mile, describes the application, as well as the benefits that have arisen for the company from this investment.
Theodorou Group Participates in the "Supply Chain & Logistics 2023" Exhibition
Visit our booth at the "Supply Chain & Logistics 2023" exhibition (Hall: 3, Stand: B14-B16-C13-C15) which will take place September 30 - October 02, 2023 at the Athens Metropolitan Expo, to discuss your needs of integrated robotics and automation systems for the Supply Chain & Logistics industry.
Product Coding at Dirfis SA
Coding of Bottled Water with Industrial Laser & Inkjet Printers at DIRFYS SA
The Theodorou Group installed two Domino industrial laser technology printers for the coding of the primary packaging, as well as an inkjet technology printer for the coding of the secondary packaging, at the DIRFYS SA factory. In the production line, in addition to the industrial laser printers, appropriately designed support equipment (bracketing kit), a special safety cage on the print heads to protect the operators and special devices for extracting the fumes generated during the operation of the laser printers were installed, so as to maintain the space absolutely clean during their operation.
Speedex Sorter Pic01
Full Automation of Parcel Sorting and Sorting Processes at Speedex
Zenon Automation SAICT, a member of the Theodorou Group, has successfully completed and delivered a turnkey system for fully automating the sorting and sorting processes of parcels and envelopes at the facilities of SPEEDEX SA in Metamorfosi Attica. The system consists of 2 sorting machines (sorters): One for sorting small parcels up to 5 kg and one for sorting large parcels up to 15 kg.
Successfull Open Day 2023
Successful Organization of Theodorou Open Day 2023
The Theodorou Group organized with great success the Theodorou Open Day 2023: "A CAREER IN AUTOMATION & ROBOTICS", on Thursday 01 June 2023 at its headquarters at 17 Agiou Athanasiou Street in Paania Attica. The event was addressed to young as well as experienced engineers (electrical, mechanical, electronic, automation, robotics and IT) who wish to join the organized team of 85 experienced engineers of the Group. During the event, there was a presentation of the Theodoros Group and the solutions it offers to the industry and the supply chain, the participants were given a tour of the Group's facilities, followed by personal networking with company executives.
Πρόγραμμα Απόσυρσης: “Αναβάθμιση 2023”
Withdrawal Programme: “Upgrade 2023”
Your old machinery is worth more than you think!!! With the new withdrawal program "Upgrade 2023" we give you a unique opportunity to replace old industrial printers (inkjet, thermal transfer, laser, etc.), regardless of manufacturer, age and functional condition, offering new Domino and Zebra industrial printers, modern technology, at particularly favorable prices and with particularly high withdrawal prices.
Theodorou Open Day 2023
Theodorou Open Day 2023 | Thursday 01 June, at Theodorou Group Ηeadquarters
We are looking for 10 young and 5 experienced engineers (electrical, mechanical, electronic, automation, robotics and IT) to join our organized team of 85 experienced engineers. If you have a real passion (as we do) for automation and robotics and want to pursue a career in our Group, please register for the Open Day we are organizing on Thursday 1 June 2023 at our facilities in Paiana (17 Agiou Athanasiou Str., Peania, Athens, Greece) by filling out the form contact form found on the event page. If you cannot attend the Open Day for any reason, you can immediately send us your CV to hr@theodorougroup.com, mentioning the code ΤΟD23 in the subject.