Κωδικοποίηση Πρωτογενούς & Δευτερογενούς Συσκευασίας στην ΚΟΝΣΕΡΒΟΠΟΙΪΑ Β. ΑΙΓΑΙΟΥ

Coding of Primary and Secondary Packaging in KONVA SA

The KONVA SA factory has many codes, for many markets, and there was a need for a flexible and modern coding solution to print variable information on its products in the primary and secondary packaging. To cover the above need, KONVA SA decided to cooperate with THEODOROU GROUP, covering in the first phase the need for coding in the primary packaging (pieces) and in the second phase the need for coding in the secondary packaging (cartons). A very important factor for choosing THEODOROU GROUP as a partner was the immediacy and effectiveness of the technical support it provides, as well as its expertise and know-how in the specific fields. To meet the need for coding the primary packaging, one of the most modern models of industrial inkjet technology code printers of Domino, an internationally renowned company, represented by THEODOROU GROUP, was installed. The solution provides online management of variable information sent to print in production. Regarding the secondary packaging, an industrial inkjet print on demand technology code printer, also from Domino, was installed. With this solution, the self-adhesive labels used to mark the cartons have been removed, and now the variable information is printed directly on them.
Skroutz Last Mile Sorting System

Automatic Parcel Sorting & Weighing System at Skroutz Last Mile

Courier company Skroutz Last Mile wanted to speed up its parcel sorting process and reduce possible errors as much as possible at its facilities at its sorting and transfer center (HUB) in Attiki, in the Botanikos area. Zenon Automations SAICT, a member of Theodorou Group, designed and installed an automatic sorting system at Skroutz Last Mile, which consists of an automatic sorting machine (sorter) and a volume measuring unit. In the following video, Mr. Makis Symeonidis, Warehouse Lead of Skroutz Last Mile, describes the application, as well as the benefits that have arisen for the company from this investment.
Product Coding at Dirfis SA

Coding of Bottled Water with Industrial Laser & Inkjet Printers at DIRFYS SA

The Theodorou Group installed two Domino industrial laser technology printers for the coding of the primary packaging, as well as an inkjet technology printer for the coding of the secondary packaging, at the DIRFYS SA factory. In the production line, in addition to the industrial laser printers, appropriately designed support equipment (bracketing kit), a special safety cage on the print heads to protect the operators and special devices for extracting the fumes generated during the operation of the laser printers were installed, so as to maintain the space absolutely clean during their operation.
Speedex Sorter Pic01

Full Automation of Parcel Sorting and Sorting Processes at Speedex

Zenon Automation SAICT, a member of the Theodorou Group, has successfully completed and delivered a turnkey system for fully automating the sorting and sorting processes of parcels and envelopes at the facilities of SPEEDEX SA in Metamorfosi Attica. The system consists of 2 sorting machines (sorters): One for sorting small parcels up to 5 kg and one for sorting large parcels up to 15 kg.
Πλήρης Αυτοματοποίηση των Γραμμών Συσκευασίας στη Syngenta και τα Οφέλη της

Full Automation of Packaging Lines At Syngenta Hellas and its Benefits

Syngenta Hellas has as its strategy the formation of a flexible production based on the principles of Industry 4.0 and the full traceability of its manufactured products, down to the item level. Theodorou Group, responding to this need, implemented a project to fully automate all the packaging processes of the seven production lines of its factory in Greece, providing all the mechanical equipment required and participating as an integrator in the implementation of the project of full traceability (serialization & aggregation). This equipment covers the functions of automatic coding & labeling of products, quality control of non-conforming products, labeling, weighing, handling of products, robotic case packing, robotic palletizing and wrapping of pallets with stretch film. In the following video, Mr. Panagiotis Pierris, Technical Director of Syngenta Hellas, describes the project, as well as the benefits that have arisen for the company from this investment.

Complete Labeling System for Demanding Applications at MULTICHEMICAL SA

The company MULTICHEMICAL SA, based in Thessaloniki, was looking for a solution for automatic labeling of the packaging of the products it produces. The application required the labelling for the various product packages (shape, size, material, etc.) produced by the company, while simultaneously achieving high labelling quality at high speeds. THEODOROU AUTOMATION SAICT, member of the THEODOROU GROUP, responding to this need, designed and implemented an integrated labeling system that fully covers the company's most demanding applications. More specifically, the system, which was built entirely at our facilities in Peania by our experienced engineers, has been designed to be able to handle multiple and different labels and accurately affix them to a wide range of packaging, ensuring maximum efficiency and speed.
Σύστημα Αυτόματης Εκτέλεσης Παραγγελιών Στη Φαρμακαποθήκη Α. ΠΑΠΑΝΙΚΟΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ ΑΕ

Automatic Order Execution System At A. PAPANIKOLOPOULOS SA

ZENON AUTOMATION SAICT, a member of the Theodorou Group, known for its know-how in the design and implementation of robotics, handling and automation solutions for packaging and the supply chain, designed and installed a fully automated order execution system at the pharmaceuticals warehouse APOSTOLOS PAPANIKOLOPOULOS SA. The system includes automatic collection of orders in boxes using robotic systems, automatic handling of boxes and automatic invoicing, packing and sorting of orders by route, ready for distribution by the company's vehicles. The perfect collaboration with EPSILON CSA, which supplied APOSTOLOS PAPANIKOLOPOULOS SA with the line's ERP & WMS software, played a catalytic role in the implementation.
Λύση Ψηφιακού Μετασχηματισμού Παραγωγικών Διαδικασιών στην ΚΑΒΙΝΟ ΑΕ

Digital Transformation Solution of Production Processes at CAVINO SA

Theodorou Group, with great expertise in robotics, automation and Industry 4.0 digital transformation solutions, designed and implemented a complete system for the full automation of Cavino's production processes, with robotics systems, End-Of-Line Automation, MES Tracer Factory & full IT interface systems and production equipment, resulting in the ultimate digital factory of the Industry 4.0 era
Αυτόματο Σύστημα Εγκιβωτισμού Πλαστικών Συσκευασιών Φέτας στη ΔΩΔΩΝΗ ΑΕ

Automatic Case Packing System of Plastic Feta Containers at DODONI SA

Zenon Automation SAICT, a Theodorou Group member, with great know-how in the design and implementation of robotics and automation solutions for the end-of-line, delivered a "turnkey" case packing solution of plastic feta containers to DODONI SA, which offers full automation, high productivity, security and optimal utilization of available space.

Case Packing & Palletizing System 4 in 1 with Cobot at APIVITA

APIVITA SA, a pioneering multinational company that has been producing innovative natural cosmetics since 1979, was looking for a solution to automate the case packing and palletizing process for a line of cosmetic face masks. Theodorou Automation SAICT, member of the Theodorou Group, responding to this need designed and installed an innovative system with a cooperative robot (cobot), which fully automates the work of case forming, box grouping and case packing, case closure and palletizing.
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